Ohio House Passes Cybersecurity Team Bill

Ohio House Passes Cybersecurity Team Bill | #ESC_LLC #CyberSecurity #Hacker #Hackers #Government | House Bill 747 would mandate the creation of the Ohio Cyber Reserve, a group meant to protect citizens, businesses, government and infrastructure from cyber threats.

“If you live, manage an institution, or own/manage a business in Ohio, this story could involve your digital well being,’ says ESC Senior Partner, John Larkin. “One thing is for sure, the digital divide is narrowing by the day and it won’t be long until every man, woman, and child lead a dual life in the real world and that of the digital Ether.” (Please scroll down for more)

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“While we hope it’s rarely called into action, the Ohio Cyber Reserve is a necessary addition to our state’s arsenal as we continue to prepare for the realities of an ever-advancing technological world,” Lanese said in the press release.

The bill was reportedly adapted from a portion of Ohio law pertaining to organizing a militia and was informed by other state’s prior attempts to address this issue.

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