How Much Screen Time Should My Kids Get?

How Much Screen Time Should My Kids Get? | #ESC_LLC #Children #Computer #Internet #Health | Friend, you can look up the answer to this question as well as I can. The American Academy of Pediatrics website spells it out for you: No screen time for kids under about two, no more than an hour a day for kids between two and five. Kids should have limits and “high quality” media, and you should make a habit of watching videos / playing games with them. Talk to your kids about porn. (Please scroll down)

But you did not come here because you don’t know how to google things. You came here because you know that many Silicon Valley types—the very inventors of these autoplaying crack slabs—don’t let their kids have any screen time at all. And maybe you aspire to that, much the way one aspires to be other impossible, implausible things, like a Kardashian. Or a monk.

Also, you have sometimes—maybe often!—let your kids watch non-high quality shows (hands up whose kid watches Oggy and the Cockroaches). And maybe you feel like you use the iPad as a babysitter, and you feel guilty about that, and perhaps you have come here to seek absolution.

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Additional information on the adverse effect of too much computer time: