‘Smoke detectors save lives’

‘Smoke detectors save lives’ | #ESC_LLC #SmokeAlarm #House #Fire | Norwalk Fire Chief John Soisson said, when presenting his annual report to city council, that the department needs to find a way to solve “the systematic problem” of homes without smoke detectors.

Smoke detectors are connected to a regular fire alarm system while smoke alarms are standalone, battery or electricity/battery operated.

According to the author of this news story, citizens were permitted to enter the confines of the house. “Seeing is believing, and about 800 eager New Zealand residents saw an eyeful when they finally made their way past the home’s front door. There were charred remnants of a home once inhabited by a family of three. Signage throughout the structure pointed to its damage (“note the black staining of the glass”) and the stove where it began (“fire started here”). The show and tell was an ingenious way for Fire and Emergency New Zealand to underscore fire’s wrath by having residents get close to its aftermath, says Norwalk Reflector, located in Norwalk, Ohio. (http://bit.ly/2VtPrpY)


I will never forget when the house behind the parsonage caught fire. I and many other kids in the neighborhood had a chance to see first hand what a raging fire can do,” says Allan Colombo, ESC’s Media Director. “It’s no wonder that so many people perish in homes without a working smoke alarm.

The problem with smoke alarms in residential applications is that they require someone to change out the 9VDC battery on a yearly basis. If this doesn’t happen, there’s always a chance that the new battery warning will wane and go away and no one will remember to do it. Perhaps the better alternative is to install a fire alarm system in your home. The advantage to this is that your installer will use smoke detectors, as oppose to smoke alarms.

Smoke detectors utilize the power created by the main fire alarm control panel in the home whereas smoke alarms use 9VDC batteries. The former also enjoys the benefit of a larger battery-backed secondary power supply, which is much more reliable and dependable than a simple 9-volt battery.

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