Remote Video Platform for Monitoring During COVID-19

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John Larkin (image)“Managing video in today’s world of COVID-19 is not an easy matter. But Cloud-based video services is more effective, less expensive, and more practical because it allows you to better manage your facilities from afar,” says John Larkin, Senior Partner with Electronic Systems Consultants (ESC) of Greater Ohio.

There are many advantages to Cloud-based video management. The most notable are:1) cost of implementation, 2) managed video services, and 3) video verification during alarm situations.

When installing a new video system, using ESC’s Cloud-based VaaS (Video as a Service) allows  you to save money because you do not have to install the customary video recorders and other devices. All of these devices are contained in the Cloud, which means they are someone else’s responsibility in every respect.

Inside security protection by ESC (image)

ESC also offers managed video as a service where a Central Monitoring Station (CMS) operator can conduct a “guard tour” of your facility’s cameras on a daily basis if desired. Because the apex of the system is in a remote video processing center (in the “Cloud”), a recording can be made of any improprieties that may be in progress, assuring that a video clip is available for law enforcement if needed.

And finally, if there is a break-in at your facility, which is more likely if there’s no one there on a daily basis, remote video allows CMS operators to immediately verify the presence of unauthorized individuals, sending a video clip to you and law enforcement officers who may be in route.

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