Suspect arrested in Medina County church fire

Suspect arrested in Medina County church fire (Google Earth, image)

#Suspect arrested in Medina County #church #fire | #ESC_LLC | Firefighters responded to a fire alarm at the Lodi Community Church in Medina County on the Fourth of July (fox8).

Fox 8 television (image, logo)They discovered a number of blazes were set in different sections of the church. Fortunately, they were able to quickly extinguish the fires. There was considerable damage to the church basement and a new wing that opened just six months ago, as well as smoke damage throughout the building.

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ESC carried the original news story: Person of interest sought in #Lodi #church #fire | #ESC_LLC | The Medina County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a person of interest in an investigation into a fire at Lodi Community Church (fox8).

Fire Alarm Notification Appliance (image)
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