Vicksburg Warren School District investigating ‘security incident’ after becoming target of ransomware attack

ESC offers school security and fire protection (image)Vicksburg Warren #School District investigating ‘security incident’ after becoming target of #ransomware attack | #ESC_LLC #CyberSecurity | Weeks after high-profile hacks showed how vulnerable our pipelines and infrastructure could be, we’re now learning data on students and faculty could also be up for grabs after two Mississippi school districts became the target of ransomware attacks (wmcactionnews5).

The Mississippi Department of Education confirms officials with the Vicksburg Warren School District and George County School District reached out to the agency to let state officials know about the ransomware attacks. (read more)

John Larkin, Senior Partner with Electronic Systems Consultants of Greater Ohio. (image)“There is no sacred ground with those who perpetuate ransomware demands,” says John Larkin, Senior Partner with ESC of Greater Ohio. “It’s not only the government or big corporations that have much to lose when an unscrupulous ransomware promoter does his or her thing, it’s schools and even individuals as well. Be sure to learn more about Ransomware and be prepared by doing routine data backups.”

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