Video Documentation is Often Key in Trial Proceedings

Video Documentation is Often Key in Trial Proceedings | #ESC_LLC #VideoSurveillance #Camera #Suspect | If there were ever a reason to purchase a video surveillance system for your business, it’s the need for hard evidence in a trial that justifies the expense, along with a bunch of others.

“At ESC, we install quality video surveillance systems for private companies and public organizations, such as schools and government buildings. The money spent on these systems is often shown to be well worth it when it comes time to prove guilt,” says John Larkin, Senior Partner with ESC of Greater Ohio.

Here’s a great example of where recorded camera footage is key to legal proceedings in a court of law in Bar Harbor, Maine:

Murder trial jury shown security camera footage | #ESC_LLC #VideoSurveillance #Camera #Suspect | In day three of the trial of Bar Harbor murder defendant Jalique Keene, jurors saw footage from security cameras at various locations as the prosecution attempted to piece together the events of May 31-June 1 leading to the death of Mikaela Conley.

A grand jury indicted Keene, 22, on charges of murder and gross sexual assault in the June 1, 2018, slaying of Conley, 19, also of Bar Harbor. Keene has pleaded not guilty. The trial at Hancock County Superior Court is expected to take more than a week, defense attorney Jeffrey Toothaker said earlier this week. Justice Robert Murray is presiding.

Maine State Police Detective Thomas Pickering took the stand Thursday, answering questions posed by Assistant Attorney General John Alsop, the main prosecuting attorney. Pickering identified himself as the primary detective assigned to the case.

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