A Case for Video Surveillance: Everyone Wins When Bad People Are Identified by a Video Surveillance System

A Case for Video Surveillance: Everyone Wins When Bad People Are Identified by a Video Surveillance System | #ESC_LLC #VideoSurveillance #Robbery #Police #Investigation | On May 1, we featured a news item regarding a potentially violent robbery that took place in an Ohio restaurant (click here). According to the news report, the assailant brandished a handgun, waving under the noses of employees and others who happened to be there.

The local police department is asking for help in the discovery of the identity of this potentially dangerous individual. However, without a video recording of the event, there would be very little to go on, let alone showing the images of the perpetrator to the general public, to whom the police has appealed for help.

If you own a restaurant, convenient store, a grocery store with an inside banking institution, or or any other retail-type store front, and you don’t have a video surveillance system, perhaps it’s time to consider getting one.

“Of all the different kinds of security systems available, video surveillance is the one and only means we have of catching the burgler in the act,” says John Larkin, Senior Partner with ESC of Greater Ohio. “A video surveillance system enables you to capture individual moments in time as well as everything that happened. It allows you to present it to others so they can see it all, too.”

There is no guarantee that the images from the Ohio restaurant’s video surveillance system will render the identity of the person involved in this violent display, but there’s also a chance that someone out there will recognize the person by his or her swagger, the way they tilt their head, the way they handle themselves, etc. In a word, video is an effective means of identification–and if the right individual is discovered, this recorded video will put them behind bars for some time because it’s proof positive of who they are and just how dangerous they can be.

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