A Safer Pathway to Camera and Sensor Maintenance

A Safer Pathway to Camera and Sensor Maintenance | #ESC_LLC #Cloud #Camera #VideoSurveillance | Tending to camera, sensor, and general surface cleaning maintenance – that is overdue – while staying safe (securitytoday.com) https://wp.me/p97JNV-1mJ

The video cameras and sensors your business has invested in provide you with the protection you need to be safe as well as the information you need to keep operations running smoothly. These systems likely routinely undergo software upgrades or routine maintenance – which is essential. But what about their physical condition?

Are you doing your part to ensure they are clean so that they can operate at peak performance? A dust-encrusted video surveillance camera lens can render any video unusable. A dirty traffic light or optical fire sensor can have disastrous consequences.

John Larkin, Sr. Partner (image)
John Larkin, Sr. Partner

“If you own or manage a business, you need to read the rest of this article,” says John Larkin, Senior Partner with ESC of Greater Ohio. “Not only are Cloud-based video systems less expensive on start up, but in the long term, they cost you less money because maintenance is someone else’s concern.”

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