Gunshot Detection and Video Surveillance Saves Lives and Aids in the Apprehension of Criminals

Detect360 (image)#Gunshot Detection and Video Surveillance Saves Lives and Aids in the Apprehension of Criminals | #ESC_LLC #VideoSurveillance #Police | Why wait for someone to dial 911, or worse, why wait until someone finds a dead body laying in a side street? Gunshot detection acts to quickly solicit police response so 1) they arrive soon enough to save a life, and 2) they can hopefully apprehend the perpetrator(s).

The following are a series of news items related to gun-related crimes along with the solution to the problem. There are several brands of gunshot detection on the market today. ESC handles the the Detect360 Active Shooter Response system manufactured by Johnson Controls, which, along with ESC, is a trusted name in security.

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1 dead after shooting in east Columbus | #ESC_LLC #GunShot #CrimePrevention | Investigation revealed that the victim had driven to Cushing Drive to meet with several unknown individuals, one of whom pulled out a gun and shot him in the midst of an altercation. Police are still investigating: click here.

Crime prevention experiment targets tiny St. Louis County neighborhood | #ESC_LLC #GunShot #CrimePrevention | #Police tapped Southern Illinois University Carbondale criminal justice and criminology students as research partners. Led by professor Tammy Kochel, they’ve spent months surveying residents and looking at the number of gunshots recorded by the ShotSpotter system — a gunshot detection sensor — and analyzing the number of calls to police. The researchers will measure crime again next spring and again in the spring of 2021: click here.

Teen killed in Durham as city leaders struggle with ways to battle gun violence | #ESC_LLC #Teen #Shooter | As Durham City Council members discussed Monday night how best to fight gun violence in the city, an 18-year-old was shot a few miles away. The teenager died after being shot in the chest at an apartment complex in the 2900 block of Chapel Hill Road shortly before 8:30 p.m., police said. He was later identified as Kylik Burnette, of Durham: click here.

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The Value of #Video Surveillance in Public and Private Spaces | #ESC_LLC #VideoSurveillance #Police | There was a day when I believed public video surveillance to be Orwellian, but after reading about an incident in Boston where a young mother was murdered on the street and police detectives had no clue where to begin, I changed my mind. One of the detectives happened to notice cameras on a nearby building. So just in case there might be clues buried in that camera system’s NVR (Network Video Recorder), police asked to review what those cameras saw the night of the murder.This led to the arrest and conviction of the murderer. Join me in reading a story we published on our original Website entitled: “The Value of Video Surveillance in Public and Private Spaces.”

Police response times decrease with gunshot detection | #ESC_LLC #Police #Enforcement #Security | “Whether it’s inside a school, retail parking lot, or the outside area of an apartment complex, gunshot detection can reduce police response time considerably,” says John Larkin, Senior Partner with ESC of Greater Ohio. “If you’re interested in learning more about this emerging technology, call me today and we’ll discuss your needs and how ESC’s Detect360 Shot Detection System can assist you in creating a safer place to live, work, and/or visit.” Call 614-754-1393, email, or visit

Corporations Are Installing GunShot Detection for a Reason | #ESC_LLC #GunShot #Corporation #Business | “Corporate executives worried about workplace shootings are quietly installing gunfire-detection systems in U.S. offices and factories. Most don’t tell employees what the sensors are, for fear of alarming them,” says Chip Cutter, Wall Street Journal. For more about GunShot detection in corporate spaces: | WSJ story:

contact info for Al Colombo, ESC media director (image)We hope today’s blog post will help you to understand that gun detection and video surveillance are key elements in both prevention and police rapid response. Seconds count when there could be a life in the balance. Be sure to give us a call if you have questions about gunshot detection or public video. Call 614-754-1393, email, or use the convenient contact form below: