Police: Uncle shot, killed Cleveland reporter at his home

Police: Uncle shot, killed Cleveland reporter at his home | #ESC_LLC #Journalist #Murder #Homicide | Nikki Delamotte had worked for Cleveland.com about two years and wrote human interest and culture stories. The website reports that Nikki Delamotte wanted to reconnect with her 67-year-old uncle after having little contact with her father’s family since her parents divorced. (Please scroll down)

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“You wonder what goes through people’s minds when they commit such a heinous act as this. What could have happened that would prompt a long not-seen Uncle to murder his niece?  Perhaps we’ll never know, but because of the video camera outside the home, we do know certain things,” says Al Colombo, ESC Media Director. “ESC staff would like to express our sympathies for the family of Nikki Delamotte.”

Here’s What Goes Into a Quality Video Surveillance System 

There are many twists and turns to video surveillance systems. One of the question you’re likely to ask yourself is ‘Do I buy analog or do I buy a networked system?’ In this blog article we provide information and photos of basic cameras and other devices. At the end we  provide links to other blog articles where we go into more detail on what analog and networkable systems are, what they do, and the reasons why you want the one or the other. To read this blog article, go to: http://bit.ly/2JBFH7F