What it takes to install a fire alarm system in Ohio

By Al Colombo, ESC Public Relations Officer

fire alarm being tested (image)What it takes to install a fire alarm system in Ohio | #ESC_LLC #Construction #FireAlarm | The task of planning and installing a new fire alarm system is not a fast and easy one. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, there are many twists and turns to the process that you need to know about. Fire code alone is dauntingly difficult to maneuver if you have no idea what it’s all about. But never fear, ESC is here to help you. https://wp.me/p97JNV-1q9

If it’s a new building, the design of the fire alarm system, along with the building itself, will be determined by an Architect of your choice or that of the General Contractor (GC). Depending on the approach taken by the Architect, an Electrical Engineer (EE) may become involved in the design phase, providing make, model, and layout for the fire alarm itself.

Call ESC for help with your construction project. (image)
Call ESC for help with your project.

If you are already an ESC valued customer, you should connect with your Architect/GC in order to assure that ESC continues to service your fire alarm and security needs in the future. What will usually occur is the individual/organization responsible for the fire alarm design will contact John Larkin, ESC Senior Editor, for the purpose of collaboration. John can provide everything the Architect needs, including the design itself and the submittals that must be submitted to a plans examiner or general building inspection dept.

John Larkin, ESC Senior Partner, on the job. (image)
John Larkin, ESC Senior Partner, on the job.

The installation of a new fire alarm system in an existing building can be similar, but steps are usually missing that you would normally encounter when dealing with new construction. If it’s a renovation of an older facility, you will still have an Architect and a GC involved, but you’ll want to alert John Larkin straight away so he can make contact with the appropriate parties early in the game.

If you should have any questions regarding the new-system procedure in your particular case, contact John Larkin directly by calling 614-754-1393, email ESC@tpromo.com, or use the handy contact form below: