‘The bus is on fire!’ Mike Hopkins details Huskies’ eventful trip home from Auburn

‘The bus is on fire!’ Mike Hopkins details Huskies’ eventful trip home from Auburn | #ESC_LLC #Bus #Fire #Huskies | At first, Hopkins said, the players heard a thump sound coming from the back of the bus and insisted there was a flat tire. After a few minutes, the bus driver pulled over and went to investigate.

What he found was something else entirely. (Scroll down please)

University of Washington head coach Mike Hopkins talks to the team during a timeout in the second half. The Washington Huskies played the San Diego Torersos in a NCAA basketball game at Hec Edmundson in Seattle, Wash., on Monday, Nov. 12, 2018.

“He comes back and he goes, ‘Oh my God! The bus is on fire!’” Hopkins said. “And he grabs the fire extinguisher and I’m not going to use the exact words that I used, but I’m like ‘Get your stuff and get … out of the bus!’

“We’re going out and we’re walking out. It’s like, ‘Get out, get out, get out. Leave your stuff.’”

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