The Importance of Having a Quality, Effective, Monitored Burglar Alarm System

John Larkin, Senior Partner with ESC of Greater Ohio (image)
John Larkin, Senior Partner with ESC

If you own a business and you’ve had a robbery or break-in, then you know how that event disrupted your business and devastated your staff who where there. It’s crucial to your business to have adequate electronic protection so when someone breaks in after hours the police or local Sheriff dispatches a car as soon as possible.

Robbery is an even greater threat that a burglar alarm system can assist to mitigate.

Looking for a monitored burglar alarm system? (image)
Looking for a monitored burglar alarm system?

Although in both cases electronic detection will not stop the actual hold-up or break-in, it will result in assistance from your local law enforcement, which is critical. In the area of a burglary, the sound of the system in alarm will alert the criminal(s) that police is on their way. This sobering fact comes with the realization that the criminals have only so much time until lawmen arrive on the scene, which means they do not have enough time to unload your entire store into their van before leaving in a rush.

In the case of Robbery, being able to push a silent panic button is critical in assuring that first responders arrive in time to prevent the unthinkable.

Allan Colombo, ESC Media Director

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